Connections is a ministry that connect YOU with a FBC family! We know life can be difficult away from your family, so we try to make it a little easier. Each student is “adopted” by a family in our church for the school year. This means they take you to lunch once a month and will check in with you and see how they can help you and pray for you among other things. Don’t pass up the opportunity to be encouraged, prayed for, and fed by an awesome family! Connections kicks off Sunday, September 24 with a free lunch in the Student Center at noon where you will meet your family! Don’t wait, sign up today!


The Host Team is responsible for making everyone feel welcomed each week at Elevate! Arrive at 6:45 to make sure all of the tables are set for dinner, the room is ready, and then greet members and guests as they arrive until 8pm.

Anyone can serve on the Host Team as long as you can smile! Please follow this link to sign up for any nights you would like to serve!